Sunday, 24 February 2013

Roll on 2013...

So lots of stuff going on where we are...

&Model and XO opened this month - two brand new exhibition spaces in the centre of town. It's happnin in Leeds!

OKO will be travelling down to Flatpack on 27th March for a live film event - in one night, together with Flatpack film-goers, we'll be filming, shooting, processing and projecting some of the last cartridges of Ektachrome 100D super 8 (since Kodak discontinued its last colour reversal motion picture stock in late 2012). More info on the event soon, once the Flatpack programme's out.

We also have some exciting things in the works with Film Material Soup, and are planning a film exhibition/event in Leeds for later this spring... Our optical sound collaboration with Dave Lynch is back on too. Speaking of whom, here's what Dave has been up to...

Plus, Dave's laser praxinoscope is almost ready to fly. Mark has been helping Dave shoot and process 16mm film which will be inserted frame by frame into the praxinoscope and projected onto the clouds using a hi power laser. See more on Project Nimbus here.

And onto Chris Paul Daniels... After a stint in Groningen last year working on this live collaboration for Nordic Art - NAIP at the Groninger Museum....

....he's now just got back from Nairobi! Chris was out there for a five week residency at the Kuona Trust. Since returning to the UK, he's been back Unravelling at Turner Contemporary in Margate. Over two days of workshops, participants produced around 45 minutes of hand-painted footage to add to the longest hand-painted film in Britain.

Maria Anastassiou (also of Unravel) has also been busy down in the big smoke... A member of new artist filmmakers' group Collective-iz, she screened her new film at Now and Here at the Horse Hospital earlier in February.

Deniz: Bir, Iki, Uc

Finally,  Leeds filmmaker friends Eoin Shea and Chris Hall have been busy making shiny new websites for themselves.... definitely worth checking out.

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  1. That is beautiful piece of world, loved it. this hand painted footage is superb. Thanks for sharing it with us, would love to see such more posts