Monday, 15 March 2010

'Cinema Povera' weekend: 1st & 2nd May 2010

C I N E M A  P O V E R A

experimental film/expanding cinema

re-processed film/re-claimed time/re-cycled space

Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd May 2010

Former TK Maxx Unit, Plaza Shopping Centre, Leeds

Taking place in a unique location in the centre of Leeds, OKO presents Cinema Povera*, a weekend dedicated to found footage film and live cinema performance.

Saturday 1st May

- Found footage workshop
Come and ransack the 16mm archives: join OKO filmmakers in creating a collective found-footage film and soundtrack.

- Evening event:
Premiere! A live cinematic interpretation of a 20th century epic poem by Chris Hall, Ian Harker, Violaine Bergoin, Harry Wheeler, Lee Hooper and Andrew Staveley - mixing spoken word, improvised sound and multiple projection.

Sunday 2nd May

- Screening event:
A short selection of films and projector performances followed by the main feature, Craig Baldwin’s ‘Spectres of the Spectrum’ (1999). Baldwin’s pioneering mash-up mines 50’s sci-fi, educational and industrial films, appropriated and re-born as a visionary sci-fi space/time travel epic.

*Cinema Povera – meaning literally, ‘Cinema of Poverty’, plunders the archives of collective cultural memory to re-process the past and re-imagine our present/future in imaginative and inventive ways.
Timings of workshop and events TBC. Watch this space!

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