Monday, 11 October 2010

Screen Kiss [North by Northwest] @ Light Night

Screen Kiss (North by Northwest) 2010: photo courtesy Rick Harrison Photography
And back once again to the old TK Maxx space (our second home?)

For Light Night, Jo was invited to exhibit an expanded projector piece as part of Chris Bloor and Graham Hibbert's show - ‘Lecimy’ and other works.  Abstract film and video works created using both analogue and digital processes and minimalist sound composition were screened throughout the venue.

Screen Kiss (North by Northwest) transformed a minimal, hand-manipulated flicker loop into a fractured and pulsating expanded film through a suspended, spinning prism lens.

Thanks to Rick Harrison and Jon Davies for the photos. More to follow...

Screen Kiss (North by Northwest) 2010: photo courtesy Jon Davies

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

UNRAVEL at Abandon Normal Devices

It seems like we only just got back off the plane from NYC, but this autumn so far has turned out to be a busy one!

We've just joined Chris, Maria and Kelvin for our first workshop date(s) as part of UNRAVEL - an epic project that will create a hand painted film that correlates in length with the 874 miles between John O'Groats and Land's End - taking each metre between these two edges of mainland Britain as a ratio to equal one frame of 16mm film.

In collaboration with over twenty national and international film festivals across England, Scotland and Wales, this touring workshop aims to amass an epic sixteen hour film that will be created and manipulated by hand, by a diverse demographic of the people of Britain.

Abandon Normal Devices hosted UNRAVEL for a whole weekend of workshops at NoiseLab, a guerilla arts pop-up store in Manchester. 

Here's a video of the workshop, uploaded by AND:

For more info on how it went, photos and a list of future UK workshop dates, click here!