Thursday, 30 August 2012

Dave Lynch: Chasing Nimbus | This weekend at AND Festival Manchester

Our long time co-collaborator Dave Lynch is presenting his research into hybrid analogue/digital/laser projections onto the clouds this weekend at Abandon Normal Devices in Manchester.

Event page on the AND website is here

"Chasing Nimbus is a project that explores digital and analogue techniques for project moving images onto clouds from aircrafts. Artist, director and inventor Dave Lynch has been developing his ambition to deliver multiple projections onto water vapor canvases including urban vents, cooling towers, steam trains and clouds. Lynch has been developing prototypes through conversation and collaboration with a host of contributors including weapons experts, scientists, artists, makers, pilots, sailors and cloud appreciators. Lynch is hoping to test one of his early prototypes on the urban vents of Manchester during AND Festival."

Dave will be discussing his research tomorrow (Friday) in a special Q & A at Mobile Republic, Number One First Street - from 2-4pm. This artist's talk is drop in and free of charge. Go pick his brains! This is an amazing project that Dave has been researching and working on for a while, and he'll be talking through and demonstrating the following:

The laser zoopraxniscope
A reworking of Edweard Muybridge's motion image projector from the 1800s modified with a 1.5w laser. The zoopraxniscope is being developed with a host of collaborators and has recently received further R&D funding from the Royal Society of Chemistry and the Spectroscopy & Dynamics group for an arts science collaboration with Leeds University femto chemistry department.

Mobile Projection Paramotor
A modified paramotor (paraglider propulsion system) with either a TFT monitor or slide laser/LED projection system, see it before it takes to the skies in September.

Cloud Conversations
Dave is in the process of conversation with chemical physicists, weapons experts, meteorologists, cloud appreciators and a whole host more, some of these will be presented as part of the presentation.

He will be resident in Mobile Republic Manchester until Sunday 2nd September.