Sunday, 9 December 2012

OKO @ Flip Animation Festival 2012

Well, it's been a while since we last posted...!

This autumn we were commissioned to create an installation for Flip Animation Festival, as part of the experimental strand curated by Sam Groves (Flatpack Festival, 7 inch Cinema, Kino 10). Full programme details can be found here.

The result - p.o.v - was screened as an expanded cinema installation at the Light House, a beautiful independent cinema in Wolverhampton on Saturday 3rd November.

Utilising two 15 second 16mm loops, p.o.v. explored the ways in which we actively perceive, experience and construct animated moving images. The filmstrips document a pre-programmed, choreographed sequence of actions carried out by a performer, shot as a single frame animation, and edited entirely within the camera: inevitable human errors occurring throughout.

The film was hand-processed, and prints for screening were made by re-photographing the filmstrip frame-by-frame using a homemade optical printer, giving a flattened and grainy quality to the image.

persistence of vision/point of view...

We also facilitated a 16mm found footage/direct film animation workshop during the day at the Light House. See below for video documentation of some of the films that participants made.

Thanks to Sam Groves, Flip Animation Festival and the Light House.

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  1. flip animation festival update is cool! i needed festival ideas for the one im organising when i suddently come across this and it gave me some great ideas. thanks for posting.