Thursday, 2 December 2010

OKO at the Plaza Principle

A site-specific sculptural 16mm film loop installation, shot in the former TK Maxx space at Leeds Plaza Shopping Centre. The film was shot on Fomapan and Tri-X reversal 16mm stock, and subjected to different hand-manipulation techniques during processing and editing.

The two films were then installed as a double, looped projection using the architecture of the building. As the loops ran through the projectors, they gradually picked up dust and dirt from the surrounding environment. The films were shown for four days, until they disintegrated and the loops broke.

Exploiting the scale and architectural qualities of the abandoned TK Maxx store, the Plaza Principle included a range of contemporary art practice, but with an emphasis on sculpture, film and audio-visual work. Located in the empty shell of a former shopping space, the project existed in the context of economic recession and attempts by local authorities, business and commercial developers to disguise economic decline, commercial inactivity and property blight with a facade of cultural activity.

The Plaza Principle was curated by Chris Bloor and Derek Horton.

For more info on the exhibition and contributing artists see The Plaza Principle.