Monday, 28 February 2011

Cinema Corporel: More photos

Thanks to Chris Hall for more photos from the night:

Arch Z, Granary Wharf

Social space...

Punch by Kerry Baldry

Mark Pickles performs Dansette: for 16mm projector/record player

Mark Pickles performs Dansette: for 16mm projector/record player

Violaine and Emi perform Can You Feel How Volatile Life Is?

Screen Kiss performance by Jo Byrne and Andrew Staveley

Film curtain...

Jo Byrne performs Cleanse, Tone, Moisturise [Conceal]: 16mm

Chris Hall performs Reflections on the Brave New World

Chris Hall performs Reflections on the Brave New World

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Cinema Corporel: Photos from the night!

We've just uploaded pics of the night to our Flickr photostream and Facebook page - thanks to Chris Paul Daniels for snapping away all through the event.

Here's a few selected pics from the ones we've uploaded... more to come soon!

Welcome... the return of the film curtain!

Social/installation space feat. Madonna & Child, Punch (by Kerry Baldry) film curtain lit by broken projectors and the magic standard 8 looper

Screening room: the audience!



I (still) know what you did last summer: Chris Paul Daniels this time…a terrible beauty....: by Maria Anastassiou
Take 1 Hand: Mark Pickles

Happy people...
Jo performing Screen Kiss with Andrew Staveley

Screen Kiss performance still

Screen Kiss performance still
Unravel film!

Kieron performing the mag tape loop soundtrack to Unravel film
Unravel film!

Pseudo science: Jo performing Cleanse, Tone, Moisturise [Conceal]

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Cinema Corporel Programme

While we're collating photos from last Thursday's event, we thought we'd upload the programme for Cinema Corporel, with images from all the artists involved... enjoy!

Act One / 19:45-20:15

1. The world at your feet / Chris Paul Daniels / 2009 / super 8mm film / 3:22
Shot in a children's playground and accompanied by a Cypriot nursery rhyme (vocals by Maria Anastassiou), the filmed world revolves around us.  Originally shot for the event Attack of the 50ft Reels at Sheffield DocFest 2009 where the film and audio were synched for the very first time at a public screening.

2. Punch / Kerry Baldry / 1993 / 16mm on digital video / 1:14
Punch is a metaphor for the violence forming the backdrop to our lives; real-time war coverage, domestic violence and intolerance. Originally shot on 16mm using stop frame: actions performed by Mark Wigan.

Punch has been widely screened both nationally and internationally including The Rotterdam Film Festival, Directors Lounge, Berlin, 4th Hull International Film Festival, LUX Open at the Royal College of Art, and daily on the Big Screen Liverpool as part of the 37 Seconds Artist Film & Video.

3. Dansette / Mark Pickles / 2010 / 16mm film & record player / 3:30
“Loneliness is a cloak you wear, a deep shade of blue………”
………each scratch on a record adds as it takes away.

4. Can you feel how volatile life is? / Violaine Bergoin & Emi Ueno / sound by Harry Wheeler / 2011 / video & live performance / 13:00
Chaos gives way to Creativity and the other way around, as a result this piece could loop in a circle forever. In homage to Czech New Wave cult film Daisies; this performance gives a sense of a lost youth without being old, the feeling of time flying too quickly and a taste of inevitable destruction. The two protagonists re-enact a moment of history. Like drawing on tracing paper, they are re-composing ready made gestures, from robotic movements, to chaos and clichés.

Act Two / 20:30-21:00

5. I (still) know what you did last summer / Chris Paul Daniels / 2010 / 16mm film on digital video / 2:58 * Film contains some strobing sequences
Multiple pasts play out within the same frame. The culmination of a series of stop-frame and time-lapse 16mm film studies made during my two years of living in Bow, East London, whilst studying at the Royal College of Art - a period of my life which I knew would later be subject to my own internal re-viewing, interrogation, nostalgia and critique. With thanks to Kelvin Brown.

6. this time…a terrible beauty.... / Maria Anastassiou / 2010 / scratched 16mm film / 1:00
The moment of present meaning, of ‘content’ is only a surface effect, the distorted fourth panel, into which you keep falling, fascinated by appearance, consciousness, presence in general. A visual occasion more about the act of seeing rather than fully understanding.

In light of the Eyjafjallajökull volcanic activity in the spring of 2010, I was attracted to the effect the images from Iceland had, the hungry consumption of nature’s spectacle and how and if a relic from a different media age could become relevant and used in a reflexive way to observe current trends in the consumption of images.

7. Take 1 Hand / Mark Pickles / 2006 / super 8mm film / 2:00
Film slices up time and serves up events for tomorrow’s dinner. The blinkandyoumissit shot of an actor taking another’s hand seemed to me out of place in its original context (a stilted extended 35mm advertisement for men’s clothing). Their hands touched so I touched each image of their touch. Here is a moment: 43 frames.

8. Carbon Dating Angels / Robin Kiteley & Samuel Stocks / 2009 / digital video / 11:35 * Film contains some strobing sequences
The idea of “Carbon Dating Angels” suggests a search for origin, and by extension meaning or truth, in that which is beyond the realms of scientific enquiry. This piece appropriates the controlled and precise movement vocabulary of archive x-ray films in an intriguing, yet impenetrable, ritual of choreographed movement. Just as pioneering work in x-ray cinematography opened up a new visual perspective, this film alludes to ways of knowing that are at once buried and revealed.

9. Screen Kiss / Joanna Byrne & Andrew Staveley / 2011 / 16mm projector performance, live optical sound & tape soundtrack / 10:00
Reimag(in)ing desire… a live intervention into the cinematic apparatus to re-present the screen kiss as a unique, immersive experience. The screen kiss is performed: lipstick traces are transformed into light through the flickering beam of the projector.

Accompanied by a live, hand-manipulated soundtrack by Andrew Staveley (The Brass Archivist).

Act Three / 21:15-22.15

10. Cleanse, Tone, Moisturise [Conceal] / Joanna Byrne / 2008 / 16mm projector performance & sound collage / 9:15
Taking as a starting point the recognisable (and interchangeable) image of a contemporary Hollywood film star doing the double shift for the multi $$$$$$$$$$ cosmetics industry, this “live film” translates an often cited beauty rule into a subversive action. The digitally airbrushed image of a mummified eternal youth begins to disintegrate as cosmetics [designed to freeze the passage of time] are applied to the celluloid filmstrip.

11. Reflections on the Brave New World / Chris Hall & Ian Harker / 2008 / live multiple projection performance: 16mm found footage, hand manipulated super 8mm film, collaged sound & live intervention / 10:00
In 1962 shortly before his death, Aldous Huxley author of 'Brave New World' addressed an audience at Berkeley CA with a speech entitled 'The Ultimate Revolution'. He reflected on the advances made since the publication of his prophetic novel in 1932 and contemplated the nature of control in advanced democratic societies, where technology plays an increasingly centralised role in the regulation of body and mind:

"If you can get people to consent to the state of affairs in which they're living...the state of servitude the state of being, having their differences ironed out, and being made amenable to mass production methods on the social level, if you can do this, then you have, you are likely, to have a much more stable and lasting society. Much more easily controllable society than you would if you were relying wholly on clubs and firing squads and concentration camps.”

12. Unravel Film / YOU / 2011 / 16mm film & optical sound / length unknown
/ with magnetic tape loop soundtrack by Kieron Piercy
Screening of the Unravel collaborative film created during this event. The film will be accompanied by a cut-up and looped magnetic tape soundtrack recorded throughout the evening by Leeds-based sound artist Kieron Piercy.

Unravel is an epic touring project which aims to create the longest hand-painted film in Britain; correlating in length (at a ratio of one frame per metre) to the distance between John O’Groats and Lands End.