Monday, 16 July 2012

The Harrowing of Hell - Wakefield Mystery Tour: 17-19 July 2012

Jo's just completed a film commission for the Wakefield Mystery Tour... which will be installed at the Art House Wakefield from 17-19 July.

Wakefield Mystery Tour invites the audience to participate in an event based on the 15th century texts of the Wakefield Mystery Cycle"this event will take you in and around the City, where you will bear witness to the life, death and rebirth of one man, told through illustration, performance, recorded sound and film."

The film, shot on a combination of standard 8, super 8, 16mm and 35mm slides, is a post apocalyptic take on "The Harrowing of Hell", and forms the final part of the tour.

You can book (free) tickets by contacting Wakefield Theatre Royal on 01924 211 311 , or visiting

Tours are taking place:-
  • Tuesday 17th July: 2pm/3.15pm
  • Wednesday 18th July: 11am/12.15pm/1.30pm/2.45pm
  • Thursday 19th July: 10am/11.15am/1.15pm/2.30pm

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