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OLSEN | Sunday 4th December 2011 | Hyde Park Picture House

We're looking forward to OLSEN this week!

Sunday 4 December 2011
Food from 12pm, films/music from 12.30 – 2pm

Hyde Park Picture House
Leeds, LS6 1JD

Programmed by … ANDREW LAMPERT
Live music by … MICHAEL FLOWER

And … homemade food (cake, stew and bread-veg/vegan) for small donation

Entry … £4/5

* * *
After a short hiatus, Olsen returns to the Hyde Park Picture House with a more regular series of Sunday afternoon screenings. For our next run, we've invited different artists and curators to guest programme part or all of each event, thereby continually offering fresh outlooks on the field of artists' film and video.

For this event, ANDREW LAMPERT (New York artist and film archivist at Anthology Film Archives) has selected some rarely screened videos from the 80s and 90s by the legendary GEORGE KUCHAR, who passed away in early September. The videos will be interspersed with live music performances by MICHAEL FLOWER (of Flower/Corsano Duo).

"I, An Actress" (1977) George Kuchar [image: forthedishwasher.blogspot.com]

George Kuchar was a leading star of the American underground cinema ever since he first picked up an 8mm camera as a teenager in the 1950s. Working with his twin brother, Mike, and later on his own, George produced hundreds of films and videos that are as inventive as they are insane. One of the forefathers of camp, and an early inspiration for John Waters among many others, Kuchar is perhaps best known for his 1966 film, 'Hold Me While I'm Naked.'

"Hold Me While I'm Naked" (1966) George Kuchar [image: themovienotwatched.blogspot.com]

* * *
Further details soon, at: http://www.olsenorsen.org

Partly supported by Leeds City Council

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  1. You effort to support filmmaking industry is wonderful. I believe these workshops encourage and support young filmmakers to learn new techniques and produce their own ideas.