If there aint no space for it... Do It Yrself:

"I have always embraced the initiative to curate, exhibit, organize, distribute, write about, and exchange—to place in context as an artistic process—my own works and others I cherish and support, as a radical gesture of self-determination. I feel a deep affiliation with other artists/activists who practice this in our temporary autonomous zones and a maverick resistance to co-optation or reification."
From "Elastic Film, Mercurial Cinema" by Bradley Eros (2006).

OKO stage experimental film/performance events in non-traditional venues...
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Cinema Povera: re-processed film / re-claimed time / re-cycled space [1 & 2 May 2010] Former TK Maxx unit, Leeds Shopping Plaza
Live performance of The Waste Land at Cinema Povera

Cinema Corporel: cinema of the body / the body of film [10 February 2011] Arch Z, Granary Wharf, Leeds
Live 16mm performance at Cinema Corporel