Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Cinéma Corporel event: 10 February 2011

Cinéma Corporel
cinema of the body/the body of film

Thursday 10th February 2011
Arch Z, Granary Wharf


An evening of experimental film, expanded cinema and live performance...

Cinéma Corporel will bring together filmmakers, artists, and musicians in a unique location in the heart of Leeds to showcase explorative, experimental and playful approaches to performing with film and the moving image. 

/ super 8 / video / 16mm film / projector performance / (de)generative film / installation / found footage / multiple projection / live reading / cut ups / tape loops / interactive celluloid / slides / performance / intervention / noise /

“The haunting of the image and its fragile traces: not memory, record or preservation, but the living object, aging skin and decaying body…
…ephemeral cinema is the flicker of the breathing moment.”
[Bradley Eros]

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Unravel in Hull! 15 January at the Museum of Club Culture

Our second date of 2011 on the Unravel tour was at Hull's Museum of Club Culture!  Run by artists Mark Wigan and Kerry Baldry, this unique space in Hull's Fruitmarket quarter was set up to chronicle and celebrate past and present night-club cultures and street styles from around the world through a programme of special projects, events and exhibitions.  Many thanks to Kerry and Mark for hosting us...


We really enjoyed the afternoon, and met some great people who had fun getting hands-on with film... the kids especially liked painting the film as it ran through the projector... The day also included an impromptu voice/16mm loop performance from local artist YOL - a link to his video will be posted soon!

Thanks to Kerry Baldry for the photos posted here.  You can see more at The Museum of Club Culture's Flickr page.

Also see This is Hull and East Riding for an interview and video about the day.


Monday, 17 January 2011

Unravel @ Ikon Gallery, Birmingham: 8 January 2011

To kick off 2011, Unravel travelled to Birmingham for an afternoon direct film session, alongside Ikon Gallery's current Len Lye exhibition.  The Body Electric, the first ever UK retrospective of Lye's work, is on until 13 February, and definitely well worth checking out.  Lye has been an inspiration to OKO and Unravel, and on the tour we've been experimenting with different direct film techniques first pioneered by Lye in the 1930s.

His films are beautifully presented in this exhibition, and the show includes Rainbow Dance, Free Radicals (one of OKO's favourite Lye films) and Trade Tattoo, amongst others... It was also great to see selected kinetic sculptures in action...

See more from the workshop HERE!