Tuesday, 29 November 2011

The Illuminated Room: THOM ANDERSON & REDMOND ENTWISTLE | Thursday 1 December 2011 | 5pm

The Illuminated Room

Leeds College of Art, Vernon Street Lecture Theatre, LS2 8PH
Thursday 1 December 2011, at 5pm
FREE and open to all

The Illuminated Room is a series of free screenings that survey the field of artists’ film and video. Contemporary moving image work is screened alongside films and videos from the histories of experimental/avant-garde film, video art and underground cinema.
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The two films in this screening employ different strategies to navigate and comment upon the urban and suburban landscape of North America.

In Thom Anderson's GET OUT OF THE CAR, Los Angeles is portrayed through static shots of neglected advertising signs, building facades, murals and the undeclared sites of vanished cultural landmarks. The images are activated by a soundtrack of street conversations and indigenous music – ranging from '50s jazz to '90s corrodes.

Get out of the Car [2010] Thom Anderson (image credit: filmmakermagazine.com)

In Redmond Entwistle's MONUMENTS, conceptual artists Robert Smithson and Gordon Matta-Clark are revived from the dead and ejected from their makeshift mausoleums in New York by the forces of redevelopment. Led through New Jersey by a young Dan Graham, they debate their artistic positions with the non-actors they encounter at the former sites of their work.

Monuments [2010] Redmond Entwistle (image credit: sheshark.blogspot.com)

GET OUT OF THE CAR, Thom Anderson, 2010, 34min, 16mm
MONUMENTS, Redmond Entwistle, 2010, 30min, 16mm
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Programmed by Will Rose

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