Monday, 10 October 2011

Drawing on Film at National Media Museum (6 & 7 October)

We had a great two days at the National Media Museum, Bradford.  As part of the Co-operative Film Festival (now celebrating it's 45th anniversary), The Drawing on Film workshop ran from 11-2.30pm each day on the 1st floor of the museum.  The workshop attracted over 200 people across the two days, who collaborated on creating in total around 700ft of hand-drawn film.

Although we were upstaged slightly (!) by the Weasley twins of Harry Potter fame on day one, school groups from Manchester,  York and Bradford  as well as families and young people who were visiting the museum got stuck in; producing some really nice frame-by-frame and abstract animation directly onto the surface of the film.

The two days concluded with a screening of both films in the Cubby Broccoli Theatre.  The films will be made available for online viewing, as yet to be arranged, and will also be added to the ever-expanding Unravel project, to become part of the longest hand-painted film in Britain.

Many thanks to Rachel Preston and all the staff at NMM for your help and support.

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