Monday, 11 July 2011

Unravel @ Tate Britain, Friday 8th July 2011

Wow, what a day!  Unravel was invited to run a day workshop at Tate Britain.  As well as facilitating the classic Unravel collaborative 16mm film workshop in the Manton Studio, we also had a smaller room just off the Duveens to introduce participants to experimenting with live 16mm loops - drawing and scratching onto to looped filmstrips as they ran through the projector.

We had over 80 participants over the course of the day who all got involved with creating their part of the longest hand-painted film in Britain...

The workshop screening took place in the North Duveens: the main hall of Tate Britain, attracting other visitors who stopped to check out the film that everyone had made.

More photos can be found at OKO's Flickr photostream and the Unravel blog.  Thanks to everyone who helped out and joined in on the day!

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