Sunday, 24 April 2011

Unravel at Rotherham's Old Market Gallery, 23rd April

The Old Market Gallery, Rotherham is a great space for artists in the centre of town.  We ran an Unravel workshop as part of their A Small Cinema programme on Saturday 23rd April. 

Outside Old Market Gallery...
It was great to see how people have got this former retail space up and running as an open arts venue through sheer determination and hard work.  The venue boasts a double height space with floor to ceiling windows, giving it lots of natural light. 

Workshop at Old Market Gallery
We had a great time, meeting people who offered us their unique perspectives and histories on the town as well as creating an intricately hand-drawn, 10 minute film. The artists involved in the space had built the "Small Cinema" by hand - and this is where we projected the final results of the workshop.

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